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SALIVEZE is used to maintain the moisture content of the oral tissues and as a replacement for saliva when salivary flow is reduced. It provides comfort to the patient and facilitates speaking and swallowing.
It has a neutral pH and therefore can be used in both dentate and non-dentate patients. It adjusts the acidic environment and adds a dimension of protection not found in a dry and inflamed mouth.

SALIVEZE can be used for the relief of dry mouth in conditions where the use of a stick or instrument holding moistened material is difficult.
It is convenient for use both in dental clinics and during domiciliary visits by the dental hygienist.

SALIVEZE can be prescribed for patients suffering from a dry mouth as a result of having or having undergone radiotherapy or sicca syndrome.

SALIVEZE should be sprayed where you feel dry inside your mouth. Try not to spray towards the back of the throat as most of the solution will be swallowed and may not reach other dry parts. Spray onto and under the tongue and to both sides of the mouth and repeat as often as required.

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